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How Food and Water Can Help You Lose Weight

by Christina on December 24, 2013

004 water and foodFor someone trying to shed a few pounds, the countless weight-loss strategies that have surfaced over the past years can be a little overwhelming and confusing. We all know a combination of exercise and dieting are the cornerstones of most weight-loss programs, but with too many choices, people spend more time thinking about losing weight than actually losing it.

While a variety of exercise programs allow for some flexibility, dieting often calls for stricter limitations and adjustments on the amount of food and water you take. But did you know certain foods actually help you burn more calories? And that drinking 17 ounces of water a day can increase your metabolic rate by up to 30%?

Here’s a closer look at how food and water can help you lose weight:

  1. Eat eggs for breakfast.  A protein-rich breakfast can help make you snack less during the day and well into the evening. Studies show protein benefits the body in three ways: it makes you feel fuller, makes you less hungry, and increases calorie burn after eating. Other protein-rich foods include beans, nuts, turkey/chicken breast, tuna, salmon, tofu, and lean beef.
  2. Drink a glass of water before meals. Make that two glasses. Researchers from Virgina Tech University report that people who drink 1-2 glasses of water 30 minutes before every meal lose weight more quickly and lower their calorie intake for that meal. Plus, staying hydrated prevents your metabolism rate from dropping. So always carry a small bottle of water with you!
  3. Pair your salad with a vinegar-based dressing. The acetic acid in vinegar has been linked to prevention of body-fat accumulation. Research also shows it can help lower the body’s blood sugar response to foods you eat (digesting carbohydrates naturally trigger an increase in blood sugar), thereby making you feel fuller. Next time you feel like bringing out some lettuce and tomatoes, remember to opt for zesty vinaigrette rather than mayo-based dressings.
  4. A word about oats. Oats often confuse dieters since it contains both carbohydrates and fiber. That’s just because all sources of fiber contain carbohydrates. Oats are rich in soluble fiber, which helps lower cholesterol and fat levels in the body. Another great source of fiber? Eating apples before a meal are just as great in making you feel fuller; they also limit the body’s absorption of fat.
  5. A glass of wine a day. Wine has long been reputed to help reduce the risk of heart diseases. Exactly how? Wine contains reservatrol, which lowers blood cholesterol and therefore reduces a person’s risk of becoming overweight. Doctors do advice drinking moderately: a small glass a day is considered enough to get heart-healthy benefits. For people with existing ailments, it’s always best to consult a doctor as alcohol intake can worsen health problems or cause drug interactions.
  6. Unlikely suspects. Cinnamon and dark chocolate are surprisingly linked to lower blood sugar levels and increased weight loss. According to the USDA, up to two teaspoons of cinnamon a day helps reduce sugar levels. On the other hand, dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants that not only help protect your nerves from inflammation and skin from UV damage, its bitter flavor is also known to aid in suppressing appetite. Definitely good news for chocolate lovers.

Whether you’re thinking about a new exercise regimen or about trying out another diet, one thing’s for sure – you need not look far for a little help in staying thin. Sometimes, it’s only a matter of reviewing your food and water intake that can make a difference.

Survival Lesson 101: Water And Food

by Christina on December 23, 2013

002 water and foodSurvival of the fittest is the name of the game! That’s what our ancestors were up to in order to survive.  For over millions of years, man has managed to fight the elements and live to tell the tale.  Aside from the innate resiliency and strong instinct to survive, water and food have always had significant contributions to the welfare of human beings.

In whatever time period, human beings have always dealt with whatever was and is being thrown at them.  A long time ago, man had to resort to different methods in order to search for water and food.  Take the “hunting- gathering” method.  Our ancestors got food from wild plants and animals.  They searched far and wide to find food.  The men would go out and hunt for food during the day while the women would tend to their young and whatever was hunted and gathered.  They would also make use of the carcasses and other stuff they could scavenge.  With these skills and methods, our ancestors were able to feed, clothe and shelter themselves.    To this day, modern man is still using the methods our ancestors were accustomed to.  If not for these methods, the survival rate of human beings on Earth would have significantly decreased.

In the modern era, human beings are pretty much independent on water and food in order to survive and to make it through the day.  The methods and skills that our ancestors passed along to us are still in use but they have evolved significantly. Man no longer goes out to hunt and gather for food out in the wild.  It must be noted though that there are still some cultures and societies that adhere to the traditional ways of their ancestors.

Regardless of how human beings have food and water, we should always remember their importance.  The human body is a fascinating thing – full of wonders and secrets.  In order for it to continuously function in its best capacity, we should take care of our bodies.  Water and food (the healthy variety of course) are the primary contributors to the health and wellness of human beings.  By investing in health and nutritious food and by keeping ourselves hydrated at all times, we are helping strengthen the body’s capacity to fight off infections and other diseases.  By constantly taking in a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals courtesy of our food and liquid intakes, we are assuring the survival of our bodies and the continuous evolution of man.

Cooking Healthy Food For Your Kids

by Christina on December 16, 2013

108 Healthy foodAs parents, it is your responsibility to raise your kids healthy. One of the many things that you can do as parents especially for mothers is to cook healthy food for your kids. But then, in many cases, I have heard that there are many parents who are struggling to provide healthy for their kids because of financial problem. But then, base on what I know, you should not be spending or buying expensive ingredients just to provide healthy for your kids. There are actually so many healthy recipes for kids that could be within your budget. Or, I would suggest that you start to plant or grow your own food. By this, you will be able to provide healthy food for your kids without spending so much. Have you heard of organic garden? In fact, growing your own food is healthier compared to what you can buy at the market? By this, you can ensure that you did not use any chemicals to grow your food. Chemicals that are used to grow food and kill pest could be harmful to the body. It can cause cancer to develop.


I know that children nowadays are not that picky when it comes to food. A little education about food and making them understand the importance of eating healthy food can actually convince them to eat. Like for example eating vegetables, not all children love to eat vegetables but if you will explain to them what vegetables could do to their body, they will understand why they should eat. No children want to get sick. They hate getting sick. So, telling them that healthy food like vegetable could make them strong and protected from sickness. But then of course as a mom, you have the control when to come to food that your children will eat. Since it is you who will do the cooking, try to do some experiment with their food by adding healthy ingredients and making it taste delicious that suits to your kids’ taste.


If your menu is limited, try to look for other healthy recipes for children online. There are so many healthy recipes for children that you can try and for sure that your children would love. Like for example with pasta, there are so many types of pasta and also many ways to cook them and also contain different healthy ingredients like herbs and vegetables.

Best Foods To Eat For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

by Christina on November 12, 2013

One of the things that can greatly affect a person’s health and fitness, other than the time he or she spends on exercising and the right amount of time on sleeping, are the foods that he or she intakes every day. One must intake just enough, not too much or too less, amount of nutrients that are good for the body. A balance diet is the answer to keep a healthy body. And in order to keep a balance diet, a proper plan of what foods to eat should be made. 043 Best food

Sometimes, because of rushing in the morning to go to work, to school, or to any place you should be early in the morning, one tends to forget to eat breakfast, which is considered as the most important meal of the day. Eating the right food is important for a healthy and fit diet, but at the right time is also important. Without eating anything for breakfast, how can a person survive a busy day? Surely there are negative effects in working with an empty stomach. Studies show that people who skip breakfast tend to be more irritable and can only put their attention at a certain thing or situation for a short period of time. A full stomach in the morning can help you focus more on what you are working at.


Just enough amounts of fats, protein, and carbohydrates should be taken every day. Minerals and vitamins should also be included. Vegetables and fruits are great sources of the minerals and vitamins the body needs. Carbohydrates are best eaten in the morning since that is the time when the body is deprived of calorie because of sleeping. Also since foods rich in carbohydrates are the body’s source of energy, it is best eaten in the morning because then you can have all day to burn them. This can avoid the cells in our body to store unburned carbohydrates as excess fats. Oat meals, peanut butter, eggs, cereals, whole-grain breads, rice, and yogurt are some of the foods eaten for breakfast. Remember, breakfast is the meal of the day one can eat like a king. Eat more for more energy for the day.


One has to eat at the middle of the day. That is what lunch breaks are made for. In order to keep those energies flowing in your veins, one must eat lunch. But, of course, a person must only eat like a prince at lunch, not just to have a fit and healthy body, but also if one wants to lose weight. Just a lesser amount of carbohydrates should be taken at this time of the day. Wholegrain sandwiches and pasta, salads, and soups are examples that can contain lesser carbohydrates thus good for lunch.


Dinner is the meal of the day that one must eat like a pauper. That means lesser amount of foods in ones plate. Eating too much at night time, when we have lesser activities, makes it hard for our body to properly digest the food and burn calories. And because the body has difficulty in burning calories, these become stored fats in our body, leading to weight gain. One must eat light dinners. He or she must eat just enough amount of food that will make him or her full. One must also eat slower so that the brain can easily digest the fact that he or she is already full. Also eating after dinner is absolutely a no-no. It will only help you gain more weight. Foods such as salads, vegetables, chicken, and fishes in the half amount of what you usually eat during the day would be best for dinner.


To be fit and healthy means to be conscious as to what to eat and when to eat it. One must make sure that he or she is taking a well-balanced diet in order to supply the body with the right amount of nutrients.

Eating The Best Foods For A Healthy Body

by Christina on November 6, 2013

191 Best foodSome of us, because of our busy schedule, forget to eat at the right time, while some would rather skip a meal because they think that it can make their body fit and thin. Some would eat just anything because it is delicious disregarding the lack of nutrients the body can get from the food. Some would buy foods that are cheap despite of them being unhealthy foods. Sometimes we forgot that by doing these things we are putting our health in line. Being healthy is still more important than earning lots and lots of money or becoming thin by skipping a meal.

The food pyramid had probably been introduced to some of us even from our young age. Some of us can still encounter this for several times in our adult years when we can fully grasp and understand the need of actually keeping our body healthy by eating the right food at the right time.

The food pyramid is mainly composed of the four classifications of food. These are the go, grow, glow foods, and the fats, oils, and sweets. The bottom part of the pyramid is composed of the go foods. This group of food is composed of foods that are primarily rich in carbohydrates. They are mainly sources of energy, thus the name of the group “go”.  The second part of the pyramid would be the glow foods which includes vegetables and fruits. These foods are mainly rich in vitamins that are most needed by our body. While the third part, the grow foods, are composed of foods that are mainly rich in protein. Meat, fishes, eggs, and dairy products are examples of grow foods. They help our body in the process of growth development. Sweets, fats, and oils would be found at the top most part of the pyramid. These foods should be eaten in small amounts.

The best foods that can keep us healthy can all be found in the food pyramid. However, it is important to keep in mind the right amount that should be taken. Too much intake of foods that are rich in carbohydrates can make us fat. It can also make us prone to heart diseases or make us have a higher blood pressure. One must always remember that having too much, at the same time, too little intake of these foods is bad. A person who is conscious of his or her weight and health must also be conscious of the amount of these foods that he or she should eat.

Along with these foods found in the food pyramid and the right amount that should be taken by our body in order to stay fit and healthy, one

must also drink plenty of water, 8 to 10  glasses of water a day, and exercise.

How To Manage Your Food Intake

by Christina on October 21, 2013

146 managing food intakeOne of the most important basic needs of man is food. But beyond the satisfaction of our physiological needs, man manages to diversify food into wide range of varieties. Today, food is no longer a means to quench our hunger. It has also become a form of indulgence that we sometimes enjoy too much. Reaching the point when we eat more than we can take becomes a habit this usually results to health problems like obesity.

In fact, overeating has become a major issue in the United States. The National Institutions of Health reported in its statistics that more than sixty-percent of the American adult populace is overweight, incurring direct medical expenses of $78.5 billion every year. At present almost 70 million of them find it difficult managing their food intake.

Controlling and managing food intake can pose a challenge to every one of us. It takes a lot of willpower, sheer determination and discipline to overcome our cravings. But here are some tips that can help you to manage your food intake in just a breeze – or two.


Avoid Temptation

If you like eating foods which are rich in sugar, cholesterol or sodium content, then it is probably best to resist them and switch to new ones. According to Marcia Pelchar, PhD, of the Monell Center, we typically crave what we are used to eating. So if we switch to other healthy kinds of foods, we can weaken the temptation of succumbing to our old cravings and strengthen the new ones. A study conducted by her show that after five days of only drinking a specially blended dietary supplement beverage, her study volunteers show a decrease in eating their trigger foods.


Eat Breakfast

Eating breakfast provides you the energy that you will need for the day. Even if you don’t feel hungry, your body still craves for fuel. Waiting for your body to feel hunger can lead to indulging into more foods. If you are in a hurry, you can prep up a good morning meal with some whole wheat bread and butter. The secret in this tip is that you eat something that contains protein, fiber and other essential nutrients.


Avoid Skipping Meals

Even though most nutrition experts emphasize breakfast as the most important meal of the day, it is also important that you don’t skip the rest of the meals. Contrary to the knowledge of many, skipping meals may temporarily reduce your calories consumption but in the long run it can lead to eating disorders like binging and overindulging with more food. It is highly advised to eat four to six small servings a day. A steady supply of calories will enable your body to control its hunger, prevent food overindulgence and also making good, healthy food choices..

Different Fast Food Restaurant Recipes

by Christina on October 7, 2013


For those who are craving for an afternoon snack, a quick bite before class, a break from a strict diet plan, or for those who are in constant battle with time and work, fast food restaurants are a blessing. They are really convenient sources of midnight snacks when all the other restaurants have closed. The most that you have to do is to stand in line and wait for your order to be taken. Give it a few minutes and voila! Breakfast slash Lunch slash Dinner is served.

111 Fast food restaurant recipes

What is it about fast food restaurants that keep the customers flowing? It is the speed by which your orders are placed and fulfilled. It may also be the taste of their food that drives their customers back to their restaurants day after day after day. Of course, in the world we are living in today, time is of the essence. Precious time is equivalent to precious money. When people cannot afford to “waste” their time on some slow cooked, homemade quality food, they would resort to these fast food recipes. Fast food recipes should not be rocket science. After all, they have to be prepared at the quickest way possible to cater to the needs of the customers. These, in fact, could easily be made at home contrary to some of the food which is served only in higher class restaurants.


Fast food recipes, which are extremely easy to do, are perfect for parties, movies, outings, hang outs, and other events. They offer quick and easy preparations steps that could save you precious time and money. Another great thing about burgers, fries, chips, pizza, spaghetti, hotdogs, and chicken is that they are so easy to share! They will also let you have more family bonding and hopefully, a more fruitful social life.


Some people may not appreciate these simple, quick and easy fast food recipes, but I do. These are some of the little things that I have learned to enjoy in my life. Their simplicity might have explained it all. Whether they are just satisfy our cravings, or they get your stomach full throughout the whole day, fast food recipes are perfect for people who do not need more complexity to their life than there already is. In a world as complex as ours, we should really learn how to enjoy the little and simple things life offers us.

Creating Your Own Family Recipes

by Christina on September 17, 2013

Do you belong to a family that loves to eat, a family that loves food over anything else? Let me tell you, I do. My family love food so much. My parents love to cook food for us. They also try to alter food recipe to have that unique twist with the taste. But so far, with all the alteration that they have done to the recipe, it turns out good and very delicious. My mom is more on desserts and pasta. She loves to cook lasagna, spaghetti, fruits salad, mango float, crema de fruta, and coconut salad. On the other hand, my dad love to cook comfort food like home cook food. In fact, I took time to learn some of them. Did you know that my mom has come up with her own recipe? She has her own secret ingredients when she makes fruits salad, mango float, lasagna, and spaghetti. Not to brag, but many people really find my mom’s recipe to be delicious. They are even requesting my mom to cook for them or ask for the recipe. But of course my mom will not give all the ingredients especially the “secret ingredients.”

033 Creating Your Own Family Recipes

Because of that secret ingredient that my mom added to the recipe, this makes it our own family recipe, because the only way that you can taste it is when my mom makes it. In fact, you and your family can also create your own family recipes. The recipes should not depend on what you see on TV. Family recipe should be the type of food that your family loves to eat. Like for example your family loves to eat seafood then try to come up with your own seafood recipe. It can soup, grilled, or whatever you want to do with your seafood.

Or, if your family loves to eat cakes, you can come-up with your flavor. Try to think of the flavor that is not yet common in the market. In case there are already flavors like that, you can try to make some twist on your recipe. How can you come up with a unique cake recipe? You can actually sit-down with your family and you can simply talk about it. All the recipes that we see on recipe book are all invented recipe that the chef or the cook have tried and it turns out to be delicious that’s why it became a dish. If you are watching the cooking show “Master Chef”, they have a portion called the invention test where the participants will cook from scratch and they would name their dish and [resent it to the judges. If that invention recipe turns out to be delicious, it will become a recipe and be added to their recipe book if they win.

Creating Your Own Food Style According To Your Lifestyle

by Christina on August 20, 2013

The significance of having a style of your own always depends on your own purpose. It can by mere self-expression or it can be for the reason of satisfying the needs of the people around you. At home or at any place where we could apply our own style, resourcefulness and initiative are two of the most valued factors deemed essential in having a mark of which you can really call your own.

030 creating your own food style

One of the ways to carefully show your own identity is by creating your own food style. Being one of the needs of the people, as far as hunger and creativity is concerned, putting food on your tables is not just about utilizing ingredients available on the refrigerator. It is something that should be well-thought out. There is a need for food to be recognized not just as typical table necessity but something that would have a mark to those who eat and will eat it thereon.

Being resourceful is synonymous to being creative. Once you try to use available ingredients and combine them together to form a dainty dish, it will in due course make the subject respond quite surprisingly. When blemished potato skins are conventionally disregarded and most often that not, thrown directly to trash bins after being peeled off, and you make a crispy fried dish with a tasty dip out of it, then certainly that would leave a mark. Later you will know, you have just made a style of your, a style they would remember and a big part of it started with resourcefulness.

On another note, they say that being creative is something that is innate and is difficult to acquire. A person born with green thumb will be best of friends with the plant kingdom and a person with Beethoven’s senses is magical. True enough, being creative nowadays doesn’t just mean doing something odd and beautiful. It is also doing something fore fronted by your own heart, your eagerness to fulfill the task with full attention and your sincerity in doing something. Once you learn how to use your heart, it will just be seen from what you made. By then, without your knowing, you would already have your own style. When you try to use preparation in cooking, everything will be smooth. And when preparation is dealt with creativity and resourcefulness, you will then have your own food style.

Food Diets That Will Help You Lose Weight Fast

by Christina on July 23, 2013

Food has been a big argument in the world of weight loss. It’s true that food is the number one cause of weight problems, but it’s also true that food can also be the solution to weight problem. You might have heard of food diets programs that health experts commonly recommend for people who want to lose weight fast. But when it comes to food diets, there are different approaches and methods, and each of these methods may or may not work to everybody, which will depend on the cause of the weight issue. So, before you can start your food diet program, you first need to find out what’s causing your weight problem. Now, if you want to shed those extra pounds off your body, you need to change your unhealthy eating habit.

031 food diets

Start Developing A Vegetarian Diet

To start your healthy eating habit, have you ever considered incorporating a vegetarian diet in your diet? Not all people love vegetarian diet but what they don’t realize that vegetarian diet is one of the healthiest diets that anyone could have in their meal. This may not be easy at first but in time you’ll get use to it. There are so many delicious vegetarian recipes that you can cook using healthy ingredients that contains nutrition that your body needs.


Eat Fruits For Snacks

Another food diet that you can incorporate in your eating habit is by changing your unhealthy snacks into healthy snacks. Most commonly when we say snacks we see junk food, chips, takeouts, and burgers. But now you need to change that to fresh fruits. You can make fruits salad with whip cream on it, fruits smoothies, and other fruits recipes that you can think of. You can even just eat the fruits fresh.


Stop Eating Takeouts

If you are fond of eating takeouts, you need to minimize or stop it. Takeouts are unhealthy and they contain lots of calories, carbohydrates, and cholesterol. Instead, start cooking your own food to make sure that you are eating healthy. There are easy-to-cook foods that you can prepare but still healthy. Also avoid foods that are microwavable because they are not healthy.

Now, you see that there are lots of ways to create your own food diets that would help you lose weight fast. You can also look online for other ideas about food diets programs. Once you already find the right food diet, you will be able to maintain your weight and figure.

Water And Food For Human Survival

by Christina on June 26, 2013

As a human being, we should learn how to protect and maintain the healthiness of our body. We should know how to make our body our temple. Being healthy and fit should be the most prioritized thing in this world. If our body does not function well, we can lose energy and we will not be able to work the whole day. There are two most important things that our body should have. These two plays a big role when it comes to our body. Without these two, our body will not function properly and we will have lesser resistance that could protect us from any disease. These are water and food.

034 water and food

Water is one of the most or is the most important content in our body. A man can only live 3 days without drinking water. Water takes up 60% of our body which is the reason why dehydration takes place whenever a person lacks water in his body. It is indeed a big role ion our human body. Our blood needs minerals and some of the minerals can be found in water. Water also helps cleanse our bladder and other inner organs like kidney and intestines. The average water intake of a person would be 8 glasses per day. Too much and too less of water can be dangerous for human being. Too less water intake can cause dehydration and too much intake can cause our bladder to malfunction.

We all know that without food, a person cannot live. Hunger is one of the greatest crises in the world. Almost 60% of the human being around the world experience hunger and it is because of the over population of every community which leads to lack of food supplies and poverty. An average person eats three times a day which is the normal food cycle of a person. Others can be tolerable even if they only eat twice a day. People who eat once a day can be alarming. Food will be digested after 3-4 hours in our intestines. Imagine if that person only eats dinner time or eats only at breakfast because of poverty, they could possibly be starving the whole day. And because of hunger, they will experience low energy and low stamina.

A person can live if he/she has water and food for everyday of their lives. It is some of the basic needs for a human being in order for them to survive. It doesn’t matter if you can’t wear expensive clothes, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a big house, as long as you have water and food, our life will be guaranteed.

What Can You Benefit From Eating Healthy Food

by Christina on June 3, 2013

What can you benefit from eating healthy food? This is one of the most common questions that people ask especially those people who have vices and those who have underlying condition. There are so many things that a person can benefit from eating healthy food. From its name “healthy” food, it’s already sending a positive massage. Of course, healthy food is type of food that don’t cause harm to your body. These are the type of food that are rich in nutrition and vitamins that are essential to our body. Let me give you some significant benefits that healthy food can do to you.

114 Healthy food

Healthier Life

If you have developed a healthy eating habit, you will have a healthier life compared to other people. You might be wondering what your advantage from them is. You will have a healthier life which means that you don’t get easily sick. Your immune system is strong enough to protect your body. Your immune system is the one who protects your body from anything that could harm your body like bacteria and virus that could cause sickness in your body.


More Active

If you are eating healthy food, you become more active. Your strength and energy are in high level. You don’t feel weak or lazy. You can play any physical sports without getting easily tired because your body is energized. Healthy foods give you a booster that can boost up your energy level.


Do A Lot Of Things

Next, you can do a lot of things. Like in your office, you will be able to finish the tasks that were assigned to you by your boss. You won’t have to worry with absences late because you are healthy. Aside from that, you can also do some of the house chores after your work like cleaning the house, washing dishes, cooking, and even washing your clothes.


Free From Any Potential Sickness To Develop Especially those Hereditary

You might have some history in your family when it comes to illness like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, and etc. Did you know that you can actually prevent this from happening? Yes you can! If you just live a healthy life, you will be able to prevent this from developing. You can start that by eating healthy food and avoid food that could trigger those sicknesses to develop.

Now you understand how important it is to eat healthy food. Healthy food include vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, herbs, and so on.

Top Ten Best Healthy Foods To Eat Daily

by Christina on May 14, 2013

038 Best foodWhen you choose what food you need for you to consume, we actually pick the healthy ones. That helps us to be healthy and to strengthen our immune system away from disease and sickness, a food that gives us enough nutrients like vitamins, iron and other kinds of health benefits.  But that doesn’t mean you would cut off snacks and other pleasure that pleases you satisfaction. But here we have a list of the top ten healthiest foods on the human planet.


Based in the internet, ranking in number ten is lemon. One lemon can supply the daily vitamin C demand of the body and can lower cholesterol faster and a substance found in lemon can actually kill or shall we say it avoids the grow of cancer cells in the body if ever. And on number 9 is apple, according to the quotes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, because it’s pounded with soluble fiber that rapidly decreases high cholesterol, and can avoid respiratory problems like UTI’s.  And in number 8 is the broccoli; loaded with vitamin K and vitamin C which is very needed by every person, and it also has an ability or substance I it that can also avoid some kinds of cancer. It may be not so good in taste, but I recommend broccoli upon consumption, mix it in a dish for a better way of eating it. And in number 7 is an avocado. May be fatty, but the fats in it are the healthy ones which reduces bad cholesterols in the body and it is very rich in fiber which avoids heart diseases and fastens metabolism. Placing in number 6 is the berries, upon hearing its name, it can make you think it’s quite delicious, upon its different varieties, they are all healthy which are pounded with antioxidants that can delay the signs of aging and somehow, it can help you when you are in a weight loss management. And in number 5 is Dark chocolate, mother of sweetness, but its not that sweet, in fact its bitter-sweet in flavor, but it so healthy that it is the food that has the highest amount of magnesium and it taking it can make you feel better, and can bring back good mood which makes life sweeter and happier. And in number 4 is the vegetables known as leafy greens, rich in minerals and has other health benefits that can strengthen immune system to defend the body from sickness.  And ranking in number 3 is garlic, not only the vampires can be knocked down by this bad boys, but also diseases in the body, or infection like skin infections and rashes. So far we are in number 2 is a potato, which helps us regenerate our cells and also loaded fiber.


And finally in the top spot which so far is the healthiest according to the internet is Almonds. These nuts are full of minerals and vitamin E, proving to be highly effective heart protectors, blood pressure and cholesterol reducers and metabolism boosters. In just one ounce, you will get 12 per cent of your daily protein, 35 per cent of your daily vitamin E and as much calcium as in a one-fourth cup of milk.

How To Market Fast Food Restaurant Recipes

by Christina on June 15, 2012

Most fast food restaurant recipes are well guarded trade secrets in the food retail industry. Quite a number of companies owe their success in the food and beverage business to unique formula that remains standard and easily identifiable with that particular company. Superior franchise management and expansion facilitates many popular food companies such as KFC and other major brand names to thrive amid tough competition. Through a franchise, more people get to enjoy great meals regardless of location. Often, deliveries are available in cities and city suburbs.

The secret behind popular recipes is consistency. Although improvements on the formula may be done, overall change in taste and signature flavor is usually negligible. Customers who experience constant craving for takeout prefer to order a specific brand, which only confirms the dire necessity for consistent products at competitive prices. Additionally, customer surveys enhance the capacity to acquire market trends and statistics. Running a quality food distribution outfit thus demands optimal interaction with customers, and continuous improvement of key product features that keep the company on its feet. However, major changes a particular brand may be somewhat consequential to the detriment of a potentially lucrative company.

A well designed infrastructure tor distribution that is meticulously implemented significantly markets and sells a good recipe. Since most customers opt to have takeouts delivered to the doorstep, a good network of efficient delivery staff is essential. In the same way, quality management and superb customer service at all branches ensures customer satisfaction and continued loyalty. In a nutshell, it takes more than a great recipe to create a brand name that everybody loves. Comprehensive integration of traditional and conventional marketing strategies must be utilized effectively in order to make it in the food business. Furthermore, the internet harbors inexhaustible resources through which any product in the globe can grow wings to fly!

Creating Your Own Food Style

by Christina on June 13, 2012

Everyone has their own style, but sometimes it helps to define it. When it comes to creating your own food style, there is an additional problem: The style needs to be a healthy one as well or you will develop health problems later on. Thankfully developing a new style is not that hard. It just takes a theme in mind and having some fun.

When you create your own style, make sure that all of the food groups are well represented. You also do not want a diet of limited items or you will get bored of the food rather quickly. It also helps to look at foods and recipes already extant in order to help you define your style even better; those choices help to add certain flavors to your style, giving it some texture and better defining it. As long as the flavors are complementary the style will prove to be a strong one. Obviously a few shocking choices can work, such as the sourness of sauerkraut in an otherwise sweet style, but make sure that there is something thematic with all the choices or it may seem like a number of random choices.

Finding your own food style can be a lot of fun, especially for someone who knows a lot about food. The biggest problem will be defining a theme and sticking to it, especially if that theme is extremely limited, such as a theme based on a specific Italian city. However, with a little imagination and a lot of research, it is possible to create a fun style that may even take off on its own, especially if the style happens to fit into some fad at the moment. Even if the style is for personal reasons, put some thought into it and you should be able to enjoy it for years.